Growth Groups


Here at Crosswind, we believe that relationships play an important role in growing as a Christian. We are not just on our own journey to follow Jesus, but we recognize that God has given us companions for that journey. Together we can laugh, cry, sweat, snack, learn, play, fail, succeed, and grow; not on our own, but together. We like to call that community, and that’s why we encourage everyone to get involved in one of our various Growth Groups.

So what exactly are Growth Groups?

They are small groups of 8-12 people that meet together routinely (for about 9-12 weeks at a time) in homes throughout the Carroll County and surrounding areas.  Through these groups, we build healthy new relationships while focusing on a particular area of interest or study.  Each semester we offer a whole new batch of topics or book studies to choose from.  We try our best to make sure that there’s something for everyone, so that no one needs to be left out.  If you are new to our church we always encourage you to sign up for Growth Track to get you started. We offer Growth Track a few times a year on Sunday Morning at 11:15 a.m.

Check out the list below to learn about the current groups that we are offering this semester and then simply sign up on Sundays through our Connection Card, call directly or Register Here


Growth Groups - Fall 2014

Our Growth Groups for the fall are beginning the week of Sept 14!  Keep an eye out for new groups forming in the coming weeks.  We have a lot of offerings for the semester, for men, women, and families.  Wednesday nights, in particular, are a great opportunity to join a group at the Crosswind campus while our youth events are going on.   We have childcare available for free in the Reef area.


  • Adult Bible Study- 9:15am- Paul and Jennie Cushing- meets in the Oasis Classroom at Crosswind


  • Living Room- 7:00pm- Will Cave - Young adults’ group- meets at Crosswind
  • Walk the Talk- 7:00pm- Chris & MaryJo Kraft- Sermon discussion- meets in Westminster- 443-465-3119


  • Prayer Group- 9:30am- Dora Benbow & Paula Deithorn- meets at Crosswind
  • Celebrate Recovery- 7:00pm- Christ-centered 12-Step recovery group- includes worship, teaching, and small groups- meets at Crosswind


  • Young Families- 6:30pm- Herb & Emily Reisig- meets in the Preschool room at Crosswind
  • Courageous Men- 7:00pm- Joel Nupp- meets in the Oasis Classroom at Crosswind
  • Step Study- 7:00pm- Debbie Trazkovich & Susan Gartner- ladies’ 12-Step group- meets in the Guest Services room at Crosswind
  • Crocheting for Jesus- 7:00pm- Norma Smith- meets in the Conference Room at Crosswind
  • Made to Crave- 7:00pm- Dianna Wilson- Satisfying your deepest desire with God, not food- meets in the High Tide room at Crosswind


  • Girls with Swords- 10:00am- Margie Mason- Ladies group based on book by Lisa Bevere- meets in Manchester- 443-244-2468
  • Faith in Action- 7:00pm- Bob Trazkovich- Evangelism ministry- meets at Mugshots in The Town Mall in Westminster


  • Men’s Breakfast- 7:00am- Pastor David- Sermon discussion- meets at Dutch Corner in Manchester