About Crosswind Church

Crosswind Church came about as a result of a “community of vision” from the pastoral staff of what used to be called the Westminster Church of God. Pastor David Sulcer, along with his staff, had a desire to take a traditional church and move it into a more contemporary model of ministry. His vision was to embrace a more missional focus that would emphasize connecting people to the four navigational points of life.

1) A personal and powerful relationship with Jesus Christ,
2) a commitment to engage in spiritual community through our Growth Groups,
3) a desire to get “hands on” in real life expressions of service to human need and church ministries,
4) and a passion to share the Gospel with every circle of influence we have the ability to impact.

Crosswind has its roots in a rich history that goes back over 40 years ago, when Paul and Harriett Cushing (our current Pastoral Care pastors) took a small group of believers in 1968 and started the Westminster Church of God. Since then, it has steadily grown from a small fellowship to what it is today.

Pastor David Sulcer came to our church in 1994 and began to transition our church so that people could connect to the mission of Jesus Christ without letting programs and structures get in the way. Pastor David has led Crosswind from a small group of around 80 believers to an average attendance of over 600 people. Over the years, Crosswind has moved to a more informal style of church life, by offering visually powerful and biblically-driven worship services that are full of energy and creativity. Crosswind is committed to providing excellent childcare, children’s ministries, dynamic small groups, and exciting student ministries for your family.

Jesus Christ is the true crosswind that is moving our church forward. If you haven’t visited, we invite you to see for yourself how exciting church can be when the focus is simple and people are free to go after Jesus with a passion!



Please Join Us

We would love for you to come and join us for worship sometime!


* 8:00am: Family Service
* 9:30am: Nursery / Elementary / Middle School Programs
* 11:15am: Nursery / Elementary / Middle School Programs


* High School Service: 7:00pm
* Middle School Service: 7:00pm


Crosswind Church

640 Lucabaugh Mill Rd.
Westminster, MD 21157

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